Approaching Sustainable Development Through ESG Governance and Commitments

Ensuring Responsible Practices:
Our Pledge to Due Diligence

Supplier Selection Process

Our supplier selection process is meticulous. We scrutinise potential partners to ensure they align with our values and ethical standards. Our aim is to build strong, lasting relationships with suppliers who share our commitment to sustainability and responsible business practices.

Supplier Assessment Questionnaire

Our "supplier assessment" is a vital component of our due diligence process. It covers a wide range of topics, from environmental practices and ethical standards to compliance with industry regulations. Suppliers are invited to complete this questionnaire, providing us with essential insights into their commitment to responsible practices.

Code of Conduct

We adhere to a strict code of conduct that governs our interactions with suppliers. This code promotes transparency, accountability, and ethical behaviour. It forms the foundation of our supplier relationships, ensuring that all parties involved are committed to the highest standards of integrity and responsibility.

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