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The Senvion
2xm Series

Introducing our new 2MW wind turbine platform, which is optimised for higher yields at low-wind sites with hub heights of up to 140 metres. Our innovative design uses off-the-shelf parts from top suppliers and local supply chain integration. With an operating temperature range of up to 49°C, our platform meets all the Indian grid code requirements. Trust the proven technology of Senvion to power your wind energy investment.

Designed for a minimum cost of service with ease of intervention up-tower (modular nacelle cover and accessibility) and down tower electrical system.
Integral planet carrier bearings for the 1st and 2nd stage eliminate the slippage of bearing in the raceway.
Nacelle, Hub and Tower sealings and ventilation design for the monsoon conditions.

Advanced dynamic and adaptive loads control for maximized performance and safety of the turbine.

Hot weather control strategy for the lifetime reliability of the assets. Embedded safety PLC.

Cooling System
Hybrid combined active and Passive liquid-cooled system for lifetime reliability of the electrical components.
Main Bearing
Black oxide coating for the rollers and raceway of the Spherical Roller Bearings.
Main Rotor Shaft
Forged technology for increased torque capacity and reliability.
Blade bearings
Reduced friction torque and improved load transmission with triple row roller bearing.
DFIG Electrical System
Larger speed range for increased performance at variable speed, Separate control of real and reactive power, WTG power factor for tightest Grid Code Compliance
Pitch System
DC motors for the accurate control, fast pitching response and higher pitch cycles for loads mitigations (reduced fatigue in all the major components)
Nominal Power(KW) 2700
Cut in wind speed (m/s) 3.0
Cut in wind speed (m/s) 20.0
Nominal wind speed (m/s) 12.0
Operating Temperature range (°C) 0 to 49
Survival Temperature (°C) -20 to 50
Nominal Power(Hz) 50
Converter type Frequency converter for DFIG with DC Link
Generator Double-fed induction generator (DFIG)
Generator protection class IP 54
Wind Class IEC S
Type Testing IEC 61400-22
Diameter (m) 130.0
Rotor area (m2) 13,273
Power control Electrical pitch system
Length (m) 63.7
Profile Type SE 63.7
Material GFRP
Type Tubular steel tower
Height Up to 140m

Customer: Continuum Energy
Site: Bhavnagar, Gujarat
WTG Type: 2.7M130
Project Size: 44 WTG; 118 MW
Commissioned: Q2-2023


Customer: Tata Power
Site: Osmanabad, Maharashtra
WTG Type: 2.7M130
Project Size: 38 WTG; 100 MW
Commissioned: Q2-2023


Customer: JSW Energy
Site: Tamil Nadu
WTG Type: 2.7M130
Project Size: 22 WTG; 50 MW
Commissioned: Q3-2019


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