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The Senvion
2xm Series

Our 2MW M120 series wind turbine, which has a hub height of 120m, has been optimised for higher yields at medium wind sites. With an operating temperature range of up to 50 °C, it can also be used in tropical climates. The Senvion 2MW series meets all the Indian grid code requirements.

Nominal Power(KW) 2,330
Cut in wind speed (m/s) 3.0
Cut in wind speed (m/s) 20.0
Nominal wind speed (m/s) 11.0
Operating Temperature range (°C) -10 °C to 50 °C
Survival Temperature (°C) -20 to 50
Nominal Power(Hz) 50
Converter type Full power conversion with IGBT
Generator Electrically excited synchronous generator
Generator protection class IP 54
Wind Class IEC S
Type Testing IEC 61400-22
Diameter (m) 120.0
Rotor area (m2) 11,310
Power control Electrical pitch system
Length (m) 58.7
Profile Type LM 58.7
Material GFRP
Type Tubular steel tower
Height 120m

Customer: Renew Power
Site: Bhuvad, Gujarat
WTG Type: 2.3M120
Project Size: 27 WTG; 62 MW
Commissioned: Q1-2020


Customer: Engie
Site: Tithwa, Gujarat
WTG Type: 2.3M120
Project Size: 13 WTG; 30 MW
Commissioned: Q3-2019


Customer: Alfanar Energy
Site: Nakhatrana, Gujarat
WTG Type: 2.3M120
Project Size: 22 WTG; 50 MW
Commissioned: Q3-2019


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