Turning Towards the Future.

The future is green energy.

A clean and sustainable source of energy.

Industrial-Scale Wind Energy

Performance starts with passion.

Wind. Its power fascinates us. We know it is vital to our progress towards a sustainable future. We are convinced it will let us make clean energy a market-driven reality.

That’s why we work with passion and commitment to make wind power profitable and competitive for our customers.

We keep challenging ourselves – to provide our clients with optimum wind energy solutions, Every Single Day!

Customized solutions for individual success.

The power of wind can be awe-inspiring. But using all your passion, ingenuity and the experience won over decades to harness this raw force of nature, is even more exciting. On land and at sea, in high winds, under harsh conditions and in just about any location, we have proven just how competitive this clean power source can be.

A trusted partner in the wind industry.

Senvion develops, manufactures, assembles, installs and market a competitive range of technologically advanced Wind Turbine Generators.