Senvion India has designed its own proprietary SCADA System (FleetPro®) to deliver high level of data integration. It has full solution with a cascade of possibilities in monitoring, remote control, and data integration. It is a human-machine interface in the wind turbine process data acquisition i.e., processing data that has been measured for various analysis, reports. This web-based product function does not require any installation or administration of additional hardware.

Data Analytics and Diagnostics Tool

FleetPro®, Senvion India's SCADA platform, enables users to operate and monitor turbines remotely. With a comprehensive and intuitive AI and machine learning solution for wind turbine analysis, this powerful analytics platform empowers users to make informed decisions and maximise renewable energy generation. The platform seamlessly integrates multiple renewable asset platforms through various protocols, employing cutting-edge software technologies to simplify security and service for our customers. This platform's scalable architecture makes adding features easy.

What we do

Fleetpro is a cutting-edge Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that provides intelligent asset management capabilities to improve renewable asset performance and health. This comprehensive platform enables the seamless integration of multiple renewable asset platforms and protocols. Fleetpro's comprehensive toolkit of analytical Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and advanced algorithms enables asset managers to make informed decisions and optimise asset performance. Fleetpro, which is built on a highly scalable architecture, ensures efficient throughput while performing complex analytical tasks with precision and quality.

Along with the Asset Management software the site team is backed by experienced In house expert Service professionals in Mumbai and Engineering team in Bengaluru to support the O & M operations in delivering best in class and Quality Services to customers.

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