Approaching Sustainable Development Through ESG Governance and Commitments

Climate Change

At Senvion, we recognise the urgency of climate change and are firmly committed to action. Our focus remains on reducing carbon emissions, conserving energy, and decarbonising our operations across the value chain for resilience. We understand the critical role human activities play in climate change, aligning with the scientific consensus from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). We are acutely aware of the economic and societal risks of unchecked climate change and are dedicated to specific actions to stabilise greenhouse gas (GHG) levels.

To reaffirm our commitment, we have enacted a comprehensive Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Strategy and Roadmap, along with corporate-wide objectives that support our policy and strategy. Our Chief Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment Officer leads our ESG efforts, including climate programs. The Chief Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment Officer chairs the ESG Executive Oversight Committee, which provides strategic direction and coordinates ESG initiatives across the organization to promote a culture of strong ESG performance, compliance, and leadership.

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Senvion's global operations generate both non-hazardous and minimally hazardous waste. To manage this waste responsibly and reduce our environmental footprint, we segregate and collect waste on-site, then dispose of it through third-party waste management companies, following our Site Environmental Programmes Manual and legal requirements. Our waste volume and disposal methods are closely monitored through an internal environmental database. We encourage recycling and refurbishing efforts to minimise waste and conserve resources, aiming for a 100 percent recyclable rotor by 2040.

We also extend our commitment to waste management throughout our value chain, enforcing our Supplier Code of Conduct to ensure our suppliers follow our standards.

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